What You Can Expect

Property Damage

Could there be a worse mess?  Mistakes made by contractors working on main sewer lines outside their home resulted in the backup of storm and sewer waste water – causing geysers from toilets and leakage from sink and shower drains.  The homeowners had to move out for three months while the mess was cleaned up and the house restored to its former condition. Floors, sheetrock and some cabinetry had to be replaced; appliances and systems re-installed.

If this wasn’t bad enough, imagine the shock of the homeowner when they found out that their current coverage, with another insurance provider, did NOT have the proper endorsement, so this loss was not covered.

They called Centurion to check the validity of this bad news. Our agent assured them that this would never have happened on Centurion’s watch.  Luckily for the homeowners, the sewer contractor stepped up to pay all damages and costs for the couple and their baby to live in a nearby residential hotel while the repair work was being done. Soon after, they became Centurion clients!